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Mustang; the English troubadour, with modern-vintage appeal ... Sounds Like Bruce Hornsby meets The Beach Boys.


Co-founded the Art-Pop band ‘WinterKids’ with ACM classmates; toured the UK, Europe, Japan, the US off of successful releases both independantly and through labels such as Columbia,/Starbucks/FireStation, and was championed as one of the ’10 most promising British acts’ by The New York Daily News. This band was honestly the most amazing experience of my life, and was all consuming for about 5 years while we grew up together traveling the World, writing/recording/performing with the biggest names in music.

BA (HONS) Degree Graduate from The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford England - known as 'The World's Leading Music School for Rock and Pop Musicians'.


I grew up in the sleepy village of Langley, Kent England, and decided to be a music artist when I saw a TV show about 60’s music as a child. Hearing ’The Beatles and The Beach Boys brought me an instant connection to popular music.

Although WinterKids was a success, the band drew to a close when we found ourselves suffering exhaustion and creative differences, which led me to pursue a more spiritual side to life, embarking on finding my true-self.


I like to make music that heals, uplifts, inspires and motivates the listener with a sound that is pure and honest, genre adult contemporary, a little like Bruce Hornsby meets The Beach Boys, and fits the current landscape for mainstream radio, TV, film, and festival.


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