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You do want in... Awesome!

I'll keep this short...


My name's Brad, and I've been a major-label-signed, World touring recording artist/singer-songwriter with Columbia Record and have myself a BA (HONS) Degree in Music Business from the prestigious ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music)

Straight off the bat, if you want proof of who I am, feel free to connect with me on my personal Facebook profile at and/or check out my old band's Wiki page at :)

That's me on guitar with the big hair playing in Germany with my band WinterKids in 2008


What Am I Selling?

It's really simple... I have a wealth of knowledge and practical skills that I learned through actual experience.

I'm also a member of industry communities that's given me access to an abundance I high-level information on the entire process of breaking an artist.

And I'm in the process of compiling this information because I want to help as many musicians as I can.

BUT! I've finished my first ebook which is a cutting edge set of techniques to gain fans online. I call it the 'Fan Generator' and it's absolutely awesome.

These techniques work for Indie or Major label artists, because they've been tried and tested by hundreds of artists from across the board, both major and indie, and from all different genres, and it works :)

Is That It?

Yes thats it; no salesy stuff, I can't stand that. And besides when you see the price, you'll realise it really doesn't warrent the long sales pitch. I believe that if you're truly interested to grow as an artist, you'll 100% take this ebook off my hands, it's a no brainer, so I'll leave it with you.

Also, if you do have any questions, just ask me on my Facebook profile mentioned above :)

To you success!


Fan Generator ebook


Founder and Course Instructor, Bradley Osborne

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