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So you’ve got the musical talent and good work ethic. You put in hard work to your music and managed to see some result. But it all seems like you’re making silent noise because not many people are listening to you. You appear like every regular guy on the streets when you are due to be a celebrity already?

It can be tough, I know :(

As a smart talent, you figured out that you’re missing something that’s holding you back. Yes, you missed coming across this opportunity! …but you’re here now, CONGRATS!

Everything is about to change – you are about to discover the secrets that will give you a bigger audience to call ‘fans’.

In my eBook ‘Fan Generator’, I exposed the ‘secrets any musician needs to know to build a large-sized fan-base online at the fastest rate. Yeah, I named it ‘Fan Generator’ because, by the time you had followed its guide, you’ll be generating fans like never before.


Celebrities are gonna be so mad at me for sharing this, hahaha


Trust me, this eBook is about to blow your mind! Woo-hoo!


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“What makes celebrities are the followers.”

Are you just starting up with your musical career but you don’t have an active online audience, …or how to?

Or… you’ve been a musician for ‘forever’ but still don’t have many to call fans?

Do you want to learn how to effectively nurture a bigger fan base for your music career?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, I’m ready to show you the way. All your answers lie in this eBook, waiting for YOU.

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✓ Coming into the spotlight of social communities

✓ Building your awareness of social platforms (Facebook and Instagram) very fast


✓ Passively convert first-time visitors to followers on your social accounts


✓ Creating and utilizing social Ad campaigns

✓ Laddering your way up the stats to become a celebrity musician online

The Fan Generator

Learn The Foundation

- The reasons behind most musicians marketing wrongly, and how you go above the competition.

- The 8-step framework that builds healthy music careers in less than a year.

- How to avoid appearing spammy, salesy, desperate, or thirsty while marketing your music online.

Create Your Audience

The sweet spot for Facebook Ads audiences (and why missing it can increase your ad costs by over 200%)

- How to create up to 40 audiences (28 million+ people) based on just 7 sound-alike or influence artists


- Our 7-point breakdown of how Facebook Ads and its Algorithm work, PLUS how to configure your Business Manager account.


- The cross-targeting method that will get you engaging, supportive fans for less than a tenth of a cent per viewer.


- The 12 Greenlight Countries you should target marketing at (and the dozens you should avoid like the plague; reasons you should avoid them)

Optimise Your Content

- Discover the 6 make-or-break criteria for videos that work well on social media

- Discover why most music videos fail before they even debut!

- Learn the headline writing methods that rack up over 1,000,000 views in three weeks (bonus: why many music video Ads get ignored).

- Overcome ad blindness and the why-should-I-care problem with compelling, virally optimized videos and copy (written word).

- The 3 "60-second Tweaks" that can be made to any music video to instantly boost results by 50% or more.

Build Your Campaign

- Learn how to quickly build a performance-optimized Video View Campaign using the NEW Facebook Ads Manager Stack

- The ultimate tips to make your audience engage with your video (react, comment, and share).

- Use our "VV Optimizer" spreadsheet calculator to measure the performance of each audience across over a dozen different ad and audience metrics.

- Optimize your campaign after a 24-hour traffic test to gain up to thousands of new fans per week on.

...and much more!

‘Fan Generator’ is the ultimate guide to gaining massive social attention at the fastest rate.

It has been tested and trusted by musicians (singers, songwriters, producers, artist managers) across the globe.

- 100% success rate.

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Testimonials from Musicians Across the World


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- Abby Martin


“So glad I found this ebook! I’ve never had results like this before! I was very guilty of the ‘buy my album’ post, but with these strategies I’ve had messages saying ‘I’m glad I discovered you’ which I never had before.”

- Billy Boi

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“I’m well over half a million views and thousands of reactions - Thanks to the Fan Generator method. I’m currently priming a new campaign too!”

- Pat Peterson


“1 MILLION VIEWS IN 8 DAYS! Thank you Fan Generator!”

- Thomas Miller


“Hi music marketers, just started my first Fan Generator campaign last week. So far it’s going well and is exactly in line with what the course said.”

- Margarita 

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“The inter web blows my mind. My budget wasn’t big but within 48 hours my vid was shown all across the globe to thousand of people. It racked up an impressive 21k views and was shared over 250 times :0”

- Tony Graham

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About the Author, Bradley Osborne

I graduated from the prestigious institution, Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), with a BA (HONS) Degree in Music Business. That was where I learned all about the modern music industry.

I was taught by some of the top music industry professionals in the world and I formed ‘WinterKids’ while studying at ACM.

WinterKids signed a major deal with Columbia Records after being championed by UK National Radio, DJ Steve Lemacq, as his favourite band. WinterKids has worked with world-class producers Ken like Nelson (Coldplay) and Chris Sheldon (Foo Fighters).

WinterKids also licensed music to several independent record labels before signing with Columbia Records. WinterKids toured the world supporting acts such as Any Winehouse, Bloc Party, and The Wombats including throughout the US, UK, Japan, and Europe.

The band’s music was sold through the major distribution chain including HMV, Tower Records, MVC, and top digital platforms including Spotify, iTunes, etc.

That's me on guitar with the big hair on a European tour with my band WinterKids in 2008


How did we get that initial interest from national DJ Steve Lamacq?

How Did We Get That Initial Interest with Steve Lamacq That Propelled Us into A Career in Music?

Steve liked our music, yes, but he also saw that we were an emerging act by the impressive number of new fans we generate consistently (this is a big part of what music professionals look for while choosing which acts or artists to work with or give helping hands to).

The music is a prerequisite, that must be good, but the second element is the fan base. Does the act have a growing fan base that they’re able to build on?

My studies at ACM confirmed that this was a critical part of the puzzle that most music artists seem to misunderstand. So that makes one of the most difficult questions musicians face; ‘How to generate fans?’

This led me to answer a crucial question, “how WinterKids received that initial support from figures like the National Radio, DJ Steve Lamacq?” The answer lies in The Fan Generator eBook.

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WinterKids Wikipedia Page


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Founder and Course Instructor, Bradley Osborne

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